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Sunday, January 29, 2006

More Quizzes Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Here are a bunch of practice quizzes to help you get ready for your test. You may not need to do all of them. Stick to the ones that are most like the questions you'll be getting on your test. Each quiz has 5 questions. If you want more practice for one of the topics, just click the [refresh] button in your web browser and you'll get a new set of 5 questions. Also, each question has a [hint] link in case you get stuck and just don't know how to begin a particular problem. If you need it, click it. ;-)

Study hard for the test and let me know how it went when you're done. ;-)

Love ya!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Les Nombres Entiers - The Integers go to the Movies!

Hi Ellie,

We're beginning your study of integers: "positive and negative whole numbers including zero." It would be a good idea to add this definition to Ellie's Math Dictionary. Take a minute to go over there --> in the sidebar and look up the word "integer" in the math dictionaries. I'll wait . . . . . .

Did you find it? Yes? Good! Is there anything else you want to add to your Math Dictionary now? If yes, go ahead and do it, I'll wait . . . . . .

Done? Excellent! Since we're just getting started I thought it might be fun to go to the movies! ;-)

Remember this: Mathematics is the Science of Patterns!

As you watch the movies and try to answer the questions before the answer is given, remember that Mathematics is the Science of Patterns! Look for the patterns. ;-)

Our Feature Presentations!

Answer this question in the comments to this post:
The last movie talks about numbers that are "opposites." I call them "zero pairs." Why do I do that? -- Watch the movie before you answer this question. ;-)

I'll have more for you here soon.

Love ya!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


i dont know how i did yet.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fractions to Decimals & Fractions to Percents

Hi Ellie,

You're going to do really well on your test. It may not feel like it right now but you will. Sometimes taking tests can be scary. It can feel like a LOT of pressure on you to do well. When you get anxious and scared it's hard to think clearly and then you don't do as well as you are able. Imagine a kitten chasing its tail -- that's kind of what it's like. Stay calm and Don't Panic. You'll be able to do your best that way.

Another way to make sure you can stay calm is to prepare well. I think these are the last two topics you're still feeling uncertain about so lets take care of that right now. :-)

First, read this. Scroll down to the middle of the page to find the sections on Fraction to Decimal and Fraction to Percent. I know that's not your favourite way to study but it's really well written. There are lots of examples, solved step-by-step, and each step is explained in words and numbers.

Now to practice your skills:

(1) Go here. You type in a fraction, first the numerator (top number) then the denominator (bottom number).

(2) To change the fraction to a decimal do the long division on scrap paper going to as many decimal places as your teacher usually asks for in class.

(3) When you're done, or if you get stuck, type in the number of decimal places you want and click [Convert it]. The computer will show you all the steps in the long division. If you got it right, GREAT! Try another one. If you got it wrong look CAREFULLY at where you made the mistake and compare what you did to the right answer on the computer. Then try another one.

(4) Go ahead and "make up" your own questions. Keep doing this until you feel good about it. Don't give yourself a time limit. Keep at it until you feel you've got it or you get "that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach." If that happens, take a break and come back again later.

Fractions to Percents
First change the fraction to a decimal, like you did above. Then, multiply by 100 and put a % at the end. Multiplying by 100 is the same thing as "moving the decimal two places to the right."

To practice, you can use the same link as above to change the fraction to a decimal. To see if you changed it to a percent correctly go here.

Enter the fraction (you can even do mixed numbers here). From the popup menu below it select "Display result as [a percent]" then click the [simplify] button. (It's a good idea to uncheck the "Results on a new page" box.)

Don't email me, CALL ME as soon as you hit a snag. I KNOW you can do this Ellie. Yes, it can be hard, very hard, but don't give up! You're going to conquer this stuff!

Love ya!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Mixing Fractions is Delicious!

Here's another game for you, it's called Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop.

In this game your work in an ice cream shop. You make money by scooping the right number of scoops into each cone the customers ask for. But the customers ask for a weird number of scoops, they're all mixed numbers.

When you start the game click on the scoop size you want, then the flavour, then the ice cream cone to put it in the cone. Every time you fill the order correctly you earn money. If you make a mistake the customer gets upset and you lose money.

Here's another mixed numbers game — Find Grampy. Grampa is hiding in the hedge. Find him using mixed numbers in reduced form. The instructions are written on the bottom of the page.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gearing Up For The Test!

To start off we've got two videos to watch that will review your lessons on fractions and decimals. Watch this one first and this one second.

If you want extra practice, there's a link underneath each video to a worksheet that you can download.

When you write a test you only have a limited time to answer all the questions. So when you practice for tests you should also practice answering timed questions. In all the exercises below you'll find a little tutorial explaining how to "do the math" followed by an unlimited number of test questions. There's also a clock running but it wont stop you from answering the questions. Give yourself two minutes for each exercise. Then come back and do them again, only 2 minutes each, and see if you can:

(1) answer more questions, and
(2) get more answers right (get a higher score -- it's calculated automatically as you go).

OK, here's the test practice:

If you need different types of questions to practice let me know ASAP, and remember, luck has nothing to do with it; it's all about doing your best!
(And your best is going to be great!)

Love ya!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Fractions to Decimals and Back Again

Hi Ellie,

You're working on fractions and decimals so I've got a bunch of links to help. ;-)

First, here are 6 Fact Sheets. Read through them all. You might even want to print them up and keep a copy in your note book or Ellie's Math Dictionary. That should be a very thorough review!

Next play this game. Start with Level A. Keep playing until you get it perfect without making any mistakes. Then move on to Level B and finally Level C.

When you're finished winning you're ready to take the quizzes. Like you did with the games, start with Level A. Keep at it until you get 100%. It may take a few tries but a smart young lady like you will get it -- just don't give up! ;-) Once you've concurred the Level A quiz move on the Level B and then Level C.

If you feel you need even more practice you can print out and work your way through these worksheets. Check your answers using the answer keys provided when you're done.

Email me, call, or leave a comment on the blog and let me know how you're doing with all this.

Love Ya!

By the way, you're starting to get visitors from across North America (maybe the world) so I put a "Visitor Map" on your blog for you to see where your visitors are coming from. It tracks the last 20 people who came to visit. Check it out every few days and watch where people come from who like to read and use your blog. ;-)