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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Round and Round We Go! -- Circles


  • At 5/18/2006 7:45 p.m., Blogger Anne Davis said…

    Hi Ellie,

    I am sending some "good vibrations" to you! Go, Ellie, go! I just know you are going to do well on your exams. When I am nervous I take deep breaths and focus on some really good moments I've had in the past where I was successful. It calms me down and I know I will do the best I can! You will, too! I also know that if I make a mistake it is OK because the important thing is to learn from them so think of all your good friends rooting for you! You are a smart young lady!

    I love your posts and I hope you will continue blogging for us so we can keep in touch!

    Anne Davis

  • At 5/23/2006 7:51 p.m., Blogger Elly said…

    thank you so much and im so sorry that it tulk me so long to write back
    and i hope that i do well also i have talked to some of my teachers and they have said that the exams arennt as much % as i tought they were and right now we ar doing a project in class that is just a little bit more then exams so ...

  • At 5/30/2007 2:33 a.m., Anonymous Bill Paetzke said…

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