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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Algebra and Popcorn ;-)

Hi Ellie,

You've got a test on algebra so I've got a few review lessons for you and them some practice quizzes. I had a chance to look at your tests and this weekend I'll post some review material that will help you improve on some of the things you've already learned; look for it during the day on Sunday. Now on to the lessons ....

  • Spy Guys Interactive - Balancing Equations
    You can watch the intro or skip it. Although it says it's for grade 6 it's also a grade 7 topic in this province. Click on [Lessons] then on [Lesson 11]. You may also want to watch the lesson on integers; [Lesson 6].)

  • Subtraction vrs. Addition
    This lesson is about how to solve equations using addition and subtraction.

  • Division vrs. Multiplication
    This lesson is about how to solve equations using division and multiplication.

  • Solving Linear Equations Part 1
    This is a VERY good explanation of how to solve one-step equations. Although there's a lot of reading to do there are several examples and each one is explained step-by-step.

  • Solving Linear Equations Part 2
    This is a continuation of the link above; solving multi-step (more than one) equations.

Now for some BrainPops, you might want to get some popcorn first then sit back and watch the movies (take the quizzes when you're done) ... ;0)

And now for some practice quizzes. Each one has 5 questions. If you finish all 5 and click the [refresh] button in your web browser you'll ger 5 new questions. Keep taking each quiz until you get 100%. You CAN do it! Don't give up and you'll get there. ;0)

Do your best on Thursday! Remember, luck has nothing to do with it -- it's always about doing your best. A mistake is wonderful thing if you learn from it. ;-)

Love ya!


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