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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Exam Practice: Short Answer Problems #1 of 3

Hi Ellie,

I've got a copy of a grade 7 exam from another school in Manitoba. Beginning with this post I will publish several questions from the exam each day. Your job is to solve the questions on the blog. For each post of "problems" I make you will make a post, in reply, with the solutions. Show all your work where possible. Use the same titles for your posts as I do but replace the word Problems with the word Solutions. If you want to do your work on paper you can scan it and save it as a jpeg file and post it to the blog. If you do this, your dad can help.

If you have trouble solving any problems that's OK. This doesn't count for marks. We're using this space for learning and we learn best from making mistakes and talking about them. Other people reading your blog may also pop in to help. So if you have trouble with one or more questions write your "best guess." A mistake is a wonderful thing when you learn from it.

When you have trouble with a problem look through the previous posts in the blog. If you don't find any help there look in your text book. If you still can't find the help you need post a comment to the blog telling me which question is giving you a hard time and I'll help.

The exam has three parts:
  • Part 1 has 25 short answer questions.

  • Part 2 has 25 multiple choice questions.

  • Part 3 has 14 word problems.

  • You can use a calculator on all three parts except where it says you can't.

Here we go:

Short Answer Questions #1-9

(1) Find the sum of 476 + 83 + 8 (no calculator)

(2) What is the LCM of 2, 4 and 9?

(3) Evaluate: 3.2 + 3 x 6 - 2 (no calculator)

(4) Simplify: 6 x (6 + 2)2 (no calculator)

(5) Write as a power of 10: 10 000 000

(6) Compare the following fractions by inserting the correct symbol in the box: <, > or =

(7) The numerator of the second fraction is:

(8) Solve for m: 3m + 2 = 14

(9) If y = 5 and z = 3, evaluate: 3y - 5z

That's it for tonight. Remember:

  1. Use the comments of this post to ask for help if you have no idea how to do one of these questions. Include the question number.

  2. Create a new post titled: Exam Practice: Short Answer Solutions #1 of 3. Solve each question showing all work where possible. It's GOOD to make mistakes here because this is where you're going to get the help you need to learn.

Love ya!


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